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I’m always so excited when I find a book that I can barely put down – especially  when it involves makeup! I love educating myself about the beauty industry, and refining my skills as a MUA. My latest find is Assisting Rules! which was released in 2015 by beauty, fashion, & celebrity makeup artist & educator, DeShawn Hatcher.

I had the honor of meeting DeShawn after her talk at IMATS last month, and I instantly knew I needed her book. So, being the beauty junkie/bookworm that I am, I just had to rave about it!

Simply put, Assisting Rules! is a FABULOUS read!! It’s essentially an in-depth guide on being the perfect assistant to a senior makeup artist (aka the Key), or hairstylist. DeShawn also lends her secrets on set etiquette, how to build an impressive book (portfolio), and so much more.

"Assisting Rules!" by DeShawn Hatcher. ($44)
Assisting Rules!” by DeShawn Hatcher. ($34.99)

Before reading this book, I never realized the true value of being an assistant, which typically gets a bad wrap anyway. Between frantically running around on set and making the infamous latte runs, assisting definitely has a stigma attached to it. Yes, assistants do actually do these things. But I learned that having the opportunity to assist a professional MUA is a great privilege, and not to be taken lightly. It can benefit your career enormously – if done correctly, of course!

One of my favorite things about AR!  is DeShawn’s writing style. I enjoyed how laid-back and personable it is (it really feels like you are talking to a friend), yet it’s filled with an abundance of priceless information. As a makeup artist beginning my own journey in the beauty industry, it was truly inspiring to read about DeShawn’s path.

If you are passionate about a career in beauty, I highly recommend reading this book!! You can get your copy here:

Until next time…stay glamorous! xo

“The hardest part about starting a new journey is the beginning. Once you take that first step, you’re on your way.”

DeShawn Hatcher


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