It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a product review, so I thought I’d talk about a couple of brush cleaners I’ve been trying!

Cinema Secrets Professional Grade Brush Cleaner (16oz) $30.

Cinema Secrets. For the most part, I agreed with the sparkling reviews it got on multiple websites – it truly does make your brushes squeaky clean! Its amazing to see how much make-up stays behind in the bristles. However, there were a few things that I thought made CS fall a little flat. The major issue was that it discolors brushes that have lighter colored hairs, due to the blue dye. I found that it’s better to spray it on a towel first, then rub your brush into it. I wouldn’t advise dipping your brush straight into the solution (as I did the first time) unless the bristles are darker. Using it with a spray bottle also saves you a lot of product – the brush absorbs so much of the cleaner when dipped into it.

For me, the scent is love/hate. It has a sweet vanilla fragrance, which is nice at first, but I started to find it a bit annoying. Once the brushes are dry it lightens up a bit, but you’ll have a vanilla-scented room for a while!

On to Parian Spirit. . .

Parian Spirit Professional Brush Cleaner (8oz) $12.

I like this one because it’s clear – no stained bristles! It effortlessly cleans, leaving behind a nice light citrus scent. This one definitely won me over!

Both are alcohol based, so they gently deep clean and sanitize your brushes, with a VERY short drying time.

Cinema Secrets and Parian Spirit brush cleaners can be found at:
Nigel’s Beauty Emporium
Frends Beauty
Camera Ready Cosmetics
Pinky Rose Cosmetics (available in store only)

Personally, I’m still partial to baby shampoo and warm water for my personal brushes, but I definitely prefer a deeper clean for my professional set.

How do you clean your brushes? Comment below!

Until next time…stay glamorous! xo


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