Glamlust + Mathias Alan | Building A Successful Makeup Artist Career

Ever wonder how makeup artists become makeup artists? Despite the fact that the art of beauty is now a billion dollar industry (yes, you read that right), breaking into the makeup biz can appear to be somewhat intimidating and elusive to those on the outside. “Where do I start?” is a very common question that is often asked of those in the industry – and even if you do know where to start, how do you keep the momentum of your career going?

I certainly had these questions when I first started out. Luckily, the makeup industry has been blessed with seasoned professionals, such as Mathias Alan & The Powder Group founder, Michael Devellis, to assist artists on their journeys!

In this chat, Mathias sits down with Michael to discuss 3 tips on how to be a successful makeup artist. Watch below! 

Until next time. . .stay glamorous! xo

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