Graftobian + DeShawn Hatcher Inclusion Palette

I know…It’s been a while – but thankfully, the Inclusion palette from Graftobian has finally pulled me out of my blogging rut. After working with this palette on various jobs for the past few months, I’m compelled to share some thoughts! Keep reading to learn more about why this collection of foundations is now one of my kit staples.

When New York-based pro makeup artist and educator, DeShawn Hatcher announced the impending launch of a self-curated palette in collaboration with Graftobian Makeup, it stirred up excitement among the pro makeup artist community. Graftobian themselves are a well-respected pro brand that has been servicing the needs of the makeup industry for decades. Used by artists in all genres of artistry, Graftobian products are a staple in many pro kits.

Appropriately titled Inclusion, the palette was created with multicultural complexions in mind. It carries 18 foundations, with an array of rich shades and undertones – perfectly inclusive to a vast range of skin tones. Not surprisingly, the palette was a hit when it launched earlier this year, and has been used on many industry projects by those who added it to their kits.

I have been reaching for the Inclusion Palette constantly; working on photo shoots, theatrical performances, and weddings, which speaks on its versatility. Speaking of versatility, Inclusion is not limited to being used as a foundation; these creams can be used to conceal and add definition to the face, as well. Needless to say, it performs beautifully in any environment, for a variety of occasions. Of course, it looks stunning on camera (as pro products are known to do) and looks like skin. It’s creamy, no-fuss formula is a dream to work with, and makes blending and mixing shades effortless. A common characteristic among professional quality makeup is the pigmentation – a little really goes a long way!

The Graftobian Inclusion Palette retails for $84.00 USD and can be purchased on I’d say that with the quality and amount of product you get, the price point is absolutely justified.

So, should you invest in DeShawn’s palette with Graftobian? That would be a yes! Whether you already have the palette or are thinking about investing, let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Until next time. . .stay glamorous!

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