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Brushes are a makeup artist’s best friend, and so are good brush cleaners. This week, I’m talking about my faves from London Brush Company!

London Brush Company (now branded as Siân Richards London) is founded by English industry veteran, Siân Richards. Siân’s experience in the industry spans two decades with a wealth of film and television credits – recent projects include Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther, where she was the personal makeup artist to King T’Challa himself, Chadwick Boseman.

Siân speaks very frequently at pro-driven industry trade shows, and if you’ve ever been fortunate enough to hear one of her seminars or have a quick chat with her at her booth, the passion and love she has for this industry is quickly apparent. Siân’s desire for industry grade tools and products spawned the creation of LBC, which offers a wide range of carefully handcrafted makeup brushes, and lipstick and foundation palettes, to name a few.

Among these products are her popular solid brush shampoos, which are adored by pro makeup artists for their gentle, yet effective deep cleansing power. She offers this product in both vegan (coconut milk base) and non-vegan (goat milk base) options, and are handmade in the USA. The soaps come in a variety of scents (English Lavender, Young Coconut Milk, and Clary Sage pictured below) that smell SO. GOOD. I seriously can’t get enough of how these smell! These shampoos literally are like a spa day for makeup brushes and are formulated with products that clean, condition, and sanitize brushes to maintain their longevity and performance. A major plus is that the ingredient list is short and made up of eco friendly products, such as ethically harvested palm, coconut, and tea tree oils, as well as essential oils to add the beautiful fragrances.

London Brush Company / Siân Richards London Brush Shampoo. $18-$60., Also available at:,, and

The shampoos are available for purchase at the London Brush Company and Siân Richards London websites and also at select makeup supply stores. They retail for $18 for 1oz, $28 for 2oz, and $60 for 6oz. Artists with professional accounts at any of the sites listed above can score these shampoos for a discounted rate, which is fantastic for those wanting to stock up!

LBC / SRL SOLID Brush Shampoo in 1oz, 2oz, & 6oz sizes.

To wash, wet brushes in hot water, then rub them directly onto the soap – the makeup will immediately start to lift from the bristles (my favorite part). At this point, I like to use a brush cleaning pad (SRL also carries these) for extra deep cleaning. I find that this is an ESPECIALLY good method for cleansing brushes that were used with cream or gel products, as these are usually the toughest to completely rid the brush of. And I’m here to say that this shampoo is absolutely incredible at removing stains from brushes!

After washing, I’ll rinse the brushes, reshape them, and lay them down flat on a towel to dry. Once completely dry, I give them a generous misting of 70% alcohol.

Happy brush washing!

Until next time. . .stay glamorous! xo

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