What’s In My Kit | La Femme Blushes

What artists’ kit would be complete without blush? La Femme blushes are a recent favorite of mine, but they have long been an industry go-to – and for good reason! They apply beautifully – smooth with no streaks – and the pigmentation ensures that a little product will go a long way. The range of shades is what initially impressed me about the La Femme blush line: with over 40 colors to choose from, there is guaranteed to be a rouge for every complexion.

La Femme Blush Refills in “Plum Frost”, “Cinnabar”, “Apricot”, & “Sienna”. $3.70 each
La Femme Blush Refills in “Golden Rose”, “Fuchsia”, “Mulberry”, & “Bordeaux”. $3.70 each

Oh, and did I mention they retail for under $4? Quite a steal, if you ask me! (ESPECIALLY with the amount of product per pan)

What blushes are in your kits? Comment below!

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